Why is it important to have the correct tariff classification on Export and Imports?


All goods imported and exported are subject to taxes and duties, although harmonisation codes are not requied for items shipped within the EU at the moment. All items outside the EU are required to be classified in accordance with the harmonized schedule of the UK and each tariff number has a corresponding rate of duty. These rates will vary depending on the country of origin. Based on the goods you are importing or exporting customs determines which harmonization schedule to apply to your goods which will determine the applicable duty rate.

The tariff database is an interactive data base that will enable you to get an approximate idea of the duty rate of the product before it is sent. You can check this number via http://www.gov.uk/trade-tariff, although it can be extremely difficult to determine the correct code.


Having the correct classification is a legal responsibility. Failure to attach these codes can mean shipment delays, increased inspections, storage costs, fines and other administrative penalties.

Classification depends on various factors – full and complete description of the goods, together with component materials.These are important factors to determine the correct tariff codes.

What service does Apollo provide?

Apollo obtains all commodity codes and completes all customs invoices to ensure fast and efficient movement between borders, countries paperwork, trade laws and customs duties. The items will be tracked and any mediation or additional information will be provided to ensure the safe delivery of goods.



Tel: 02920796100 (24/7)

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