Uncertainty – why take risks?

We are all facing uncertain times with Brexit, a new American President, fluctuating currency markets and poor business confidence is there anything we can be sure of anymore?

Commercial properties, especially in London are on the decline , caution may well spread throughout commerce and industry, which means we should all do what we can to be prepared.

One way is to take a look at overheads. Apollo could provide driver cover on a part-time, full-time or ad hoc basis, urgent deliveries. It saves employers the cost of employing a driver (pensions, paye, holiday paye, sick paye etc) together with the cost of a vehicle.

What do customers get if they order a same day courier? At Apollo, a driver in a modern, clean, well maintained van with a wealth of experience delivering throughout the Country. If the driver is on holidays they are replaced without disrupting deliveries.

The beauty of a courier service is that client’s only pay for the services when they are being used, so it is flexible according to their busy and quiet times. There are no wasted resources and customers enjoy complete control over their delivery costs.

However, care must be taken when deciding on the right courier for your business, as not all courier drivers are the same! Some believe that if you have your own van that they are by default a courier. When it’s your consignments and urgent documents that are in transit, you will want to know that they are in safe hands.

Drivers at Apollo Distribution Solutions Cardiff are vetted, trained with full goods in transit insurance from the moment of collection to delivery therefore ensuring that consignments are safe and protected from damage. We take our client’s deliveries seriously; we understand that a failure on our part reflects badly on the relationship with your client’s. With thorough vehicle checks, regular maintenance schedules and tracking we can be relied upon to meet your delivery schedules, and any last minute orders. Whether your parcel is a strange size or shape, a document containing sensitive confidential information or full pallets we can send the most appropriate and efficient vehicle for its journey.

Whatever challenge you’d like to give us, we’d gladly accept! We’re experienced and knowledgeable and will always best fit your circumstance to ensure that your items are delivered on time every time.

Written by: Emma Dyer


Christmas Opening Times


Same Day Dedicated

Open 24/7 365 days a year from Small Van – Artic

Overnight Deliveries

Last Collection Friday 23rd December for delivery Wednesday 28th December
Collection Wednesday 28th December for delivery 30th December
Collection Tuesday 3rd January for delivery Wednesday 4th January

International Deliveries

Contact Apollo for transit times as they vary depending on Country destination

Emma Dyer – 02920796100




Are you ready for Christmas?

Its 6 weeks before Christmas and it is essential to get your planning right for the festive period, to ensure stock levels and make the most of your marketing campaigns. There is usually an influx of sales orders online and through the market place, so you must ensure a good system is in place to handle the extra demand. You need to forecast your needs in advance, update figures and re-stock so that levels do not dwindle. This can be achieved with a stringent system in place, historic usage and clear and up to date supplier lead times together with a precise delivery date and time.
Many companies have either been stock piling items ready for Christmas or have a system in place to ensure that the item is on their shelf to sell. However, many fail to check how the items are being delivered together with a contingency plan in place should the unexpected happen.
Why not ask your logistics company for help and advice before the rush on how your items will be delivered when requested. Often companies leave this until the last minute which can result in disappointment due to the volumes that are being shipped at this time of the year. What plan do you have in place if there are poor weather conditions or additional demand that you had not expected? Often the lead times depend on the country of origin and the delivery country.
It is important that customer service comes top of your list of priorities as you would like their return custom at other times of the year other than Christmas and you wouldn’t like to miss that very important deadline day.
There are many ways of getting your item to your client, whether it is an overnight carrier next day for parcels, pallet delivery for volume items, international shipments via road, air and sea or dedicated vehicles same day for the more valuable items that need to maintain a specific time slot. Wouldn’t it be easier for you to concentrate on selling your products, provide excellent customer service and build client relationships, whilst your courier company organises volumes, completes paperwork, tracks items and ensures delivery on time, every time.
Written by:
Emma Dyer




Many businesses spend thousands of pounds trying to make, import and sell their products without considering how they will get these items delivered to their clients and the overall customer experience. Every business tries to control the customers experience via ads, websites and services – However, do you know what happens to the goods once they leave the warehouse? Do you know how the items are protected?

Many companies don’t understand the basic facts of packaging, tracking, paperwork and profitability.

So be Careful! Choosing the wrong shipper can mean your customer may suffer a poor experience, resulting in the cancellation of an order! This can reduce repeat business and generate negative reviews and comments on social media platforms.

Packaging and Marketing 

With the increase in online purchases companies have to ensure that their items arrive in one piece, on time and with additional aftercare to ensure repeat business. Companies are going above and beyond to exceed expectations by including a voucher, thank you note, branding on the delivery box or delivering the item before it is expected.

Packaging is another effective way to increase your brand awareness and make sure that the items don’t get damaged in transit. How often have you received a (personal?) delivery of a small item in a huge box with an excessive amount of packaging with nothing to illustrate where it’s from?

Why not think about the following items to ensure repeat business and reduce the amount of items being damaged in transit:

  • Name and website printed on box or on a leaflet inside
  • Discount offer for future purchases
  • Suggest alternative purchases
  • Discounts for sharing experience on social media
  • Use packaging as an extension of the quality of your brand

Packaging Options

There are hundreds of options to ship items depending on the nature of your consignments from bulk cargo on pallets, light weight boxes, wooden crates and padded envelopes. There are new innovative ideas being introduced to the market place which can reduce your courier costs, especially when sending large volumes out daily, so be sure to always review your packaging! Do not make the mistake of using inappropriate packaging for the item being shipped resulting in the package being damaged and the inability to claim on the insurance.

 Courier Service

Remember! Not all couriers are the same! It’s not as easy as using one man and their van as your default driver assuming that your parcels will be delivered on time, every time. Care must be taken to choose the correct courier by ensuring that the drivers are vetted and trained to ensure that your items are in safe hands. Most couriers will provide goods in transit insurance cover as standard which will cover articles that are being shipped.

What other services do you expect from your courier?

Here are a few services that Apollo can provide:

      • 24 hours a day 365 days a year
      • Same day dedicated vehicles from small vans to artics
      • Nationwide couriers with other offices based throughout the country
      • Experienced staff and well trained drivers providing an efficient service
      • Overnight services from parcels to pallets
      • International services – Worldwide via economy or express service
      • Dedicated vehicle cover of £10,000.00 per vehicle as standard!

Your goods are important to you, so why not ensure that you get the best services with a courier company that will look after your interest’s at the most cost effective way. As a family run business in the market place for 21 years, we know how hard it is to be competitive and provide the best service to your client’s. Apollo will always ensure that we treat your customer’s the same as you like to be treated yourself. What lengths will you go to ensure you have the best courier available?

Written by: Emma Dyer

Apollo Distribution Solutions – Cardiff



Why would you pick Apollo?

Apollo header

Established in 1995, we have demonstrated 21 years of expertise in the logistics field. We provide a bespoke and robust logistics plan to suit your every need, from same day dedicated vehicles through to international shipments Worldwide. We can also help you to archive any files with our secure Cardiff storage facility.

Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year we can guarantee a time-definite and dedicated service to ensure that your items are delivered “on time every time”. From small vans to artics we have a vast range of vehicles available to our clients.

Apollo also considers more cost effective way of sending less urgent items with our combined fleet and chosen partners. From overnight door to door deliveries to international Worldwide shipments via air, sea and road, we pass on our volume discounts to our clients to provide the fastest transit times.
We’ll always go above and beyond what your current courier service does for you. The size of our team means that nothing will get lost in translation meaning the safe and secure delivery of your items. There’s nothing worse than uncertainty when you trust a distribution company with your goods, which is why we make sure to provide you with real-time updates and always secure proof of delivery for you.

Most companies operate utilising a call centre system; at Apollo there are dedicated highly experienced staff who will advise you on the best and most cost effective way of sending consignments depending on the stipulations you have to comply to.

Where vehicles are used to provide a service, route consolidation and strategic load planning are utilised to minimise vehicle miles and “empty running”. It is company policy to maintain vehicles in an efficient condition.

The van and its driver are vital to the UK economy with more than 4 million on the road. That’s the view of the FTA Logistics Report 2016, which shows the dramatic shift in the way the public shops; by the end of 2015, retailers predicted they would be delivering more than 860 million parcels to UK homes – thanks to the e-commerce explosion.

Written by: Emma Dyer

Apollo Distribution Solutions Ltd