Why Pick Apollo?

There’s certainly a cacophony of courier companies ready to serve your business. What makes Apollo different? How would you benefit from picking us above another?


We vow to put you first. Customer care is the vital cog to Apollo’s fiery machine and is the reason why our customers use our services recurrently. Our customers are loyal to us because we return that sentiment. Our booking clerks are available 24/7 to book your delivery, deal with any worries you might have, give you live updates and protect your consignments.

We’ll always go above and beyond what your current courier service does for you. The size of our team means that nothing will get lost in translation meaning the safe and secure delivery of your items. There’s nothing worse than uncertainty when you trust a distribution company with your goods, which is why we make sure to provide you with real-time updates and always secure proof of delivery for you.

Most companies operate utilising a call centre system. Which is annoying. Our team operate using one number across a number of lines. We communicate fully within the team regarding each and every existing and potential client. We’ll never lose sight of what you want from us.

Make a noncommittal phone call to our Welsh office today to find out a bit more about how we can shape our bespoke services and prices around your expectations. Meanwhile, I’m going to continue crafting some Valentines treats to deliver to a lucky few next week! We hope you’ll be our Valentine <3.

A Warm Welcome from Jasper and the Rest of the Apollo Team!


Welcome to Apollo’s brand new blog; the intention of which is to share with you the vast number of bespoke services we can provide for you. I will additionally be commenting on industry specific topics; oh, and there will almost definitely be further guest appearances from our canine pals Jasper and Lily. It’s probably unfair to leave them out.

Existing as my first post, I’ll briefly give you a tour of our business. Apollo Distribution was founded as a family run business in 1995 within Cardiff City Centre, with other branches based throughout the UK. Although we are stationed separately, we utilise their services which enables us to provide Nationwide coverage. Apollo continues to function as a family today, with the exception of one new employee (me) to the team this January (I mean, I shockingly share the same surname so you’re very welcome to pretend we’re plotted on the same family tree).

I shan’t list every service we offer, take a good look at our website for a full list of how we can help you and/or your business: http://www.apollodistributioncardiff.co.uk/

However, needless to say we offer same day, next day, and international delivery and are on call 24/7, 365 days a year- should you ever need us at 3am on Christmas morning? I don’t know what your habits are.

We are HUGELY passionate about our customer care philosophy. Despite our online booking form, customers seem to prefer to speak to us, we’re just far too charming. Our booking clerks know the industry inside out and are able to meet you with the very best service in Cardiff the UK World – let us know your budget and potential logistical nightmare and we’ll endeavour to make everything ok.

Apollo continues to take great strides forward in 2015 and we have plenty of exciting things in the pipeline. So whether you’re genuinely interested in us or genuinely interested in images/anecdotes about dogs (I really hope it’s the former), subscribe to our blog right away! Check out our social media as well (links to the right), I promise not to be disappointing- we really can offer a fantastic service, making your life much easier!